Pocket Hercules

Pocket Hercules.jpg

Current guest on road to revamp is a versatile alpha male. He is a competitive powerlifter, a deadly martial artist and an accomplished fitness coach.

When most of us finish our college in our early twenties, he is educating the budding fitness trainers and managing the fitness chains.

His Athletic accomplishments are stellar and so his words.

Just have a look and dive deep into conversation.

  • Competitive Powerlifting Medalist in multiple meets, Open Delhi State Deadlifting Championship: Gold medalist 2016, BITS Pilani open sports meet’s Powerlifting gold medalist 2016. 

  • Indian Raw Powerlifting Federation 2017 Gold medalist.

  • Indian Powerlifting federation 2017 state bronze medalist and highest raw total in the division.

  • Open Delhi State Judo bronze medalist 2013.

  • Delhi State Muay Thai Championship 2013 

Educational qualifications

  • American Council on Exercise certified Personal Trainer.

  • Sports conditioning specialist diploma holder from American Council on exercise.

  • Presently working as an Educator with IIFEM.